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Local energy balancing demand for Germany

Poster at Energy Storage - International Summit for the Storage of Renewable Energies, March 18-19, 2012, Düsseldorf
Analyse des lokal aufgelösten Energieausgleichsbedarfs in Deutschland
: Wrobel, Patrick; Beyer, Daniel

2012, 1 pp.
International Summit for the Storage of Renewable Energies <2012, Düsseldorf>
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
Energiebedarf; renewable energy; Energiespeicher; Modell; Systemanalyse

Benefit - Timely and spatially resolved analysis of the balancing demand in Germany due to increased feed-in by intermittent Renewables - Determining the optimal storage capacity for each region - Model transferable to other geographical regions/countries
Methodology - Local aAnalysis of 146 geographical regions covering entire Germany - Each of these regions is characterized by key data allowing for estimation of the hourly electricity demand and the supply options - MELENA (Model for the Estimation of the Local Energy balaNcing demAnd) estimating the energy balancing demand without consideration of grid restrictions - TOGM (Topology Orientated Grid Model) calculates energy balancing demand considering regional grid constraints - Physically correct dataset of the electr ical storage requirements for each region.