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Electrochemical deposition of amorphous carbon coatings

Presentation held at 2nd Austrian Symposium on Carbon Based Coatings; 30. und 31. Mai 2012, Leoben
: Altay, Katarzyna; Romankiewicz, Katja; Metzner, Martin; Bauernhansl, Thomas

2012, 22 Folien
Austrian Symposium on Carbon Based Coatings (CBC) <2, 2012, Leoben>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
electrochemical deposition; electroplating; elektrochemische Beschichtung; Elektrochemie; Galvanotechnik

Successful deposition of amorphous carbon:
- from DMF on high quality steel in the course of an experimental series
- on cylindric samples with "large" dimensions
- with different film compounding and thickness along the sample
- but no diamond-like character
Complex and specific process:
- lot of parameters and influencing variables
- which in addition are interdependent
Deficient process control:
- no reproducibility
- no systematic regulation of film compounding (e.g. sp³/sp², H-content)
- no temperature control.