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Determination of local stress-strain properties of spot welded joints using the instrumented indentation test

: Brauser, S.; Subaric-Leitis, A.; Ullner, C.; Rethmeier, M.

MP materials testing 54 (2012), No.9, pp.597-604
ISSN: 0025-5300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()

Determination of Local Stress-Strain Properties of Spot Welded Joints Using the Instrumented Indentation Test. The local strength properties in the region of weld joints are essential for their resistance to mechanical stress. In contrast to an alternative method of determining the local stress strain behaviour i.e. the preparation intensive, destructive micro tensile test the instrumented indentation test (ITT) provides gradients of strength properties with excellent local resolution. Two methods of determining true stress strain curves from cyclic indentation test have been used in order to investigate the strength behaviour in the region of resistance spot welded joints (region of base metal and weld nugget) of two high strength steels, a TRIP steel, and a martensitic steel and on the other hand a mild steel. Exemplary for the TRIP steel the results were compared and discussed with stress-strain-curves obtained by tensile tests on specimens made of the base metal and on specimens which were heat-treated corresponding to the welding process.