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Hybrid-integrated polarization diverse coherent receiver based on polymer PLC

: Wang, J.; Kroh, M.; Richter, T.; Theurer, A.; Matiss, A.; Zawadzki, C.; Zhang, Z.Y.; Schubert, C.; Steffan, A.; Grote, N.; Keil, N.


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24 (2012), No.19, pp.1718-1721
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

A dual-polarization coherent receiver using polymer planar lightwave circuit technology is demonstrated for the first time. It comprises optical 90 hybrids on the basis of polymer waveguides, polarization beam-splitting thin-film elements, and photodetectors made of InGaAsP/InP. The chip size fits into the existing receiver package standards. The receiver assembly shows a high polarization extinction ratio (>25 dB over C-band) and is successfully operated in system experiments with 16-quadrature-amplitude modulation and quadrature phase-shift keying modulation up to 112 Gb/s.