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Influence of surface modification on the dispersing behavior of carbon nanotube suspensions

: Dresel, A.; Teipel, U.

Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie -DECHEMA-:
8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, ECCE 2011 : Together with ProcessNet-Annual Meeting; 1st European Congress of Applied Biotechnology, togehter with 29th DECHEMA's Biotechnology Annual Meeting; September 25-29, 2011, Berlin, Germany
Frankfurt/Main: DECHEMA, 2011
Poster P25.48
European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE) <8, 2011, Berlin>
ProcessNet Annual Meeting <2011, Berlin>
European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECAB) <1, 2011, Berlin>
Biotechnology Annual Meeting <29, 2011, Berlin>
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Many applications require the dispersion of carbon nanotubes in anorganic or organic solvents. The dispersion comprises homogenization, des-agglomeration and stabilization by mechanical and/or chemical techniques. Functionalization is a chemical method to modify carbon nanotube surfaces to enhance the incorporation of the particles into a surrounding matrix material and hence, can improve the dispersion behavior. In this work, the dispersing behavior of non-modified in comparison with functionalized carbon nanotubes has been investigated. Therefore, carbon nanotubes have been dispersed by an ultrasonication process in the aqueous phase and tetrahydrofuran. Particularly, several carbon nanotube modifications with oxygen, carboxyl and nitrogen groups as well as polymer grafted poly(glycidyl methacrylateco-methyl methacrylate) carbon nanotubes have been processed. The achieved dispersions have been characterized by the sedimentation behavior in the centrifugal field. Improved sedimentation stabilities of the functionalized in comparison with the corresponding non-modified carbon nanotubes could be identified. The advanced sedimentation stability of modified carbon nanotubes implies either a highly flocculated and aggregated suspension structure or the assistance of the dispersion process by the surface modification.