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Development and realization of distributed and adaptive vibration neutralizers

: Mayer, Dirk; Herold, Sven; Pfeiffer, Thomas; Pöllmann, Jennifer; Röglin, Tobias; Rue, Gijsbert de

Sas, P. ; Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven:
25th International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, ISMA 2012 : In conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics, USD 2012; in Leuven from 17 till 19 September 2012
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62276-825-7
International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering (ISMA) <25, 2012, Leuven>
International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics (USD) <4, 2012, Leuven>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
development; adaptive vibration neutralizer; neutralizer; distributed vibration neutralizer

Tuned vibration absorbers for resonances or vibration neutralizers for forced vibrations are a common means to suppress disturbing vibrations. In practical situations however, a number of devices might be considered to be distributed over an elastic host structure. Then numerical optimization methods have to be applied to the problem instead of using the well-known design rules which were originally developed for single-degree-of-freedom systems. Furthermore, adaptation of the tuning frequency of the neutralizers might be considered in order to suppress vibration over a wider bandwidth. In this paper, we will report on the results obtained in the framework of the LOEWE center AdRIA regarding those practical issues in the design and implementation of vibration neutralizers.