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Upscaling of manufacturing processes

Development and evaluation of manufacturing processes on the hand of fuel cell components and systems
: Kuhn, C.

1° Fórum de Energia 2003. CD-ROM : 23 e 24 de julho de 2004. Novo Hamburgo, Brasil. Assista quais são as perspectivas do setor energético brasileiro e mundial
Porto Alegre, RS, Brasilien: EFEP, 2003
Fórum de Energia <1, 2003, Novo Hamburgo, Brasilien>
Eletrisul <1, 2003, Novo Hamburgo, Brasilien>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
start-up; Migrationsplan; fuel cell; upscaling; Automatisierung; Fertigung; Laboratorium; Brennstoffzelle

Fuel cell technology is driven by technology driven start up companies. They face the major challenge to transform a laboratory scale production to a production of an industrial manner in order to meet the requirements of throughput, reliability, quality etc.
Since the growth of the fuel cell market is not really known, specific requirements like short ramp up, small investment cost, upgradeable, fast and efficient change over, have to be met.
Taking into account organisational measures, manufacturing technologies as well as automation technology, a migration plan is worked out. This migration plan illustrates the opportunities and dependencies of different manufacturing concepts in context with the planned throughput.