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Fraunhofer-IGD's Vision of AmI

: Ebinger, P.; Busch, C.

Information Society Technologies -IST-:
Workshop R&D challenges for Resilience in Ambient Intelligence 2004 : Participant's Edition
Brussels, 2004
3 pp.
Workshop R&D Challenges for Resilience in Ambient Intelligence (RAmI) <2004, Brussels, Belgium>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
ambient intelligence; security; privacy protection; mobile agent

The vision of AmI (Ambient Intelligence) is an environment of co-operating smart things that offers a seamless environment of computing. AmI raises new challenges for research and development on the dependability, security and interdependencies of information infrastructures. New types of data can be collected because of advanced sensors and the loss of awareness about surveillance and data collection will progress. Data collection and surveillance will mostly be invisible in an AmI since computers disappear into the environment.
The major goals of AmI are context-aware activity support (understanding what the user wants), unobtrusive, intuitive interaction and dynamic, ubiquitous infrastructures. AmI prototypes will provide actual data on how an AmI system can be built and how users will interact and accept this support and how security and reliability, privacy and anonymity can be achieved. A promising approach is the concept of mobile agents which allow a flexible delegation of user tasks, the interconnection of different AmI systems and has many benefits in a mobile environment with low bandwidth network connection.