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Model driven engineering: A way to handle complexity, quality and processes in component based robot systems

: Bubeck, Alexander

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Created on: 27.11.2012

Verl, Alexander; Bauernhansl, Thomas ; Verein zur Förderung Produktionstechnischer Forschung e.V. -FpF-, Stuttgart; Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung -IPA-, Stuttgart:
ROS Industrial - an Enabler for Industrial Robotics? : Development of Industrial Applications with ROS - Experiences; Fraunhofer IPA Conference F 267; October 17, 2012, Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 2012 (Fraunhofer IPA Conference F 267)
Conference "ROS Industrial - an Enabler for Industrial Robotics?" <2012, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Robot Operating System (ROS); software engineering; Softwareentwicklung; Software; Roboter; Industrieroboter

To overcome the current shortcomings of the ROS robotic community: high complexity and little reuse, the usage of the concept of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is demonstrated. Furthermore a concrete MDE implementation in the form of the BRICS integrated developer environment (BRIDE) is evaluated to prove that the enforcement of the separation of concerns, user roles and platform dependent code through MDE improve the software quality.