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Direct laser interference systems for the surface functionalization of powertrain components

: Lasagni, A.F.; Bieda, M.; Wetzig, A.; Roch, T.; Beyer, E.

Global Automotive Management Council -GAMC-:
Global Powertrain Congress, GPC 2011 : Munich, Germany, 19 - 20 September 2011, held with IABC 2011, Proceedings Volume 64
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-618-39266-4
Global Powertrain Congress (GPC) <2011, Munich>
International Automotive Body Congress (IABC) <2011, Munich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
diamond-like carbon coating; fabricated arrays; fabricated structures; friction and wear; laser interference; laser interference patterning; micrometer scale; patterned surface; powertrain components; sensor system; submicrometers; surface engineering; surface functionalization; three-dimensional structure; automobile manufacture; biological material; fabrication; lubrication; powertrain

Periodic patterned surfaces do not only provide unique properties, but act as intelligent surfaces capable of selectively determine various functionalities in applications, such as biomaterials, surface engineering, photonics and sensor systems. In particular, these surfaces have demonstrated control of friction and wear in both lubricated and non-lubricated conditions. In this paper, we introduce a recently developed approach for the fabrication of two and three dimensional structures using Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP). The fabricated structures range from the submicrometer to micrometer scale, and were directly fabricated on metals as well as on diamond like carbon coatings. Different examples of fabricated arrays and their applications in tribology are discussed.