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Photonic provisioning using a packaged SOI hybrid all-optical wavelength converter in a meshed optical network testbed

: Stamatiadis, C.; Kalavrouziotis, D.; Pagano, A.; Morro, R.; Riccardi, E.; Stampoulidis, L.; Voigt, K.; Preve, G.B.; Moerl, L.; Kreissl, J.; Landles, K.; Duffy, S.; Avramopoulos, H.; Zimmermann, L.; Petermann, K.


Journal of Lightwave Technology 30 (2012), No.18, pp.2941-2947
ISSN: 0733-8724
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We demonstrate path wavelength routing and switching using a packaged and pigtailed hybrid integrated silicon-on-insulator (SOI) photonic circuit. The fabricated device incorporates a 1.25 mm nonlinear semiconductor optical amplifier mounted on the SOI board and two multimode interference-based cascaded delay interferometers monolithically integrated on the same SOI substrate. The photonic chip has a footprint of 384 mm and performs all-optical wavelength conversion at ultrafast data rates. The packaged and pigtailed module is inserted and tested as a switching node in a meshed optical network testbed carrying real data traffic and encompassing a wavelength division multiplexing optical link. Optical path wavelength switching and routing is implemented by a generalized multiprotocol label switching control plane. We present 10 GbE video-streaming routing as well as 40 Gb/s wavelength switching employing the system integrated all-optical wavelength converter. Error-free transmission and different kind of end-to-end services (video distribution, audio conference, and video conference) have been successfully evaluated.