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Advanced recipe management for hard disk manufacturing

: Kobusch, I.; Röhrsheim, O.; Frauenhoffer, F.; Kurz, M.; Schreblowsky, L.; Uebner, M.; Muckenhirn, R.

Future fab international (2003), No.14, pp.68-74
ISSN: 1363-5182
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Recipe Management System (RMS); Fertigung; Management-Informationssystem; gedruckte Schaltung; Automatisierung

This paper discusses the design, implementation and integration challenges encountered during the development of a rich featured easy-to-use recipe management system (RMS) for a fully automated hard disk manufacturing facility.
Based on the functionality of today's available RMS, extended functionality is needed to allow the seamless integration of the RMS into a fully automated fabrication environment. The described RMS is developed within the broader scope of IBM's worldwide Manufacturing of the Future (MOF) project, currently running at IBM Storage Technology Division. The goal of the MOF project is to provide a flexible and fully automated fabrication facility for next generation hard disk manufacturing.