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Material- und Energieeffizienz in der Porzellanindustrie - Grundlage für die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Branche

Material and energy efficiency in the porcelain industry - basis for the competitiveness of the industry
: Rösler, G.; Rösler, J.; Schirmer, P.; Häusler, A.; Fischer, G.


Chemie- Ingenieur- Technik 84 (2012), No.10, pp.1812-1818
ISSN: 0009-286X
ISSN: 1522-2640
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
ceramic; recycling; silicate; sintering

In order to save resources in the resource- and energy-intensive production process of tableware and decorative ceramics various production parameters were investigated. An offset optimization achieved savings of 35 %. This was primarily driven by lower raw material costs and by reducing the number of displacement components and shorter transport routes through the use of local raw materials. The use of the optimized offset in the isostatic pressing and wet mass resulted in savings of 35 % of the amount of raw material and 50 % in material costs. Another objective is the use of wood gas for sintering. The balance between the resource-saving effect and the material costs to produce the wood gas may be made only with the stable operation of a facility.