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Processing of nanostructured zirconia composite ceramics with high aging resistance

: Johannes, M.; Schneider, J.


Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology 3 (2012), No.3, pp.151-158
ISSN: 2190-9385
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
zirconia; Y-TZP; ATZ; ceramic composites; nanostructured ceramics; low-temperature degradation; stirred media mill

Dense-sintered ceramic bodies of 3Y-TZP and ATZ (90 % ZrO2-10 %Al2O3) composite ceramic were prepared from commercial powders by means of slip casting, sintering and hot isostatic pressing. The powders were processed in an optimized milling procedure. The properties of the milled particles were determined with diffusive light scattering, Rietveld refinement, BET and SEM. The enhanced sintering activity allows a decrease in the sintering temperature by more than 100 K. After hot isostatic pressing, samples with a grain size of about 150 nm were obtained. These nanostructured ceramics are not affected by low-temperature degradation in hydrothermal atmosphere at 134 °C. No significant difference in fracture toughness between coarse-grained Y-TZP and nanostructured ceramics was observed. The bending strength of nanostructured Y-TZP is slightly reduced compared with coarse-grained Y-TZP. The prepared ATZ ceramic exhibits a bending strength of about 1700 MPa and a Weibull parameter of 14.