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Shape from Texture unter dem Aspekt des Visual Computing

: Hildebrand, A.; Müller, W.

Englert, G.:
Workshop Visual Computing 1994. Proceedings
Darmstadt, 1994
Workshop Visual Computing <1, 1994, Darmstadt>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Visual Computing

In the area of image analysis, many different strategies are used to derive shape from an image or image swquences, i.e. Shape from Stereo, Shape from Motion, Shape from Shading, Shape from Texture, etc. All these algorithms have an equivalent within the human visual system. Recovering 3D information from a single monocular image is impossible in the general case. However in many cases the use of additional knowledge facilitate the reconstruction of objects shape. In the area of Scientific Visualization, new techniques are examined which can enhance the quality of presentations. The question which perceptual parameters are best suited to carry information is still unsolved to a very high degree. A specific problem in this context is the optimal presentation of objects in 3D space. This means, shape, position, and orientationof an object in space shall be determined by and observer most exactly and easily. This topic is especially interesting in Virtual Reality applications. An important visual cue for this task is texture. However, exact models which descibe the effect of texture in a quantitative manner do not exist. Hence, a methodical selection and viariation of textrues for this application is not possible. In [revious appoaches these two problems have been tackled separately in Image Analysis and Image Synthesis, although there is a great deal of commulality. In contrast to this, we regard the aspect of texture in 3D space in the areas of Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Scientific Visualization as a general problem related to the field of Visual Computing.