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Electrodeposition form acid copper electrolytes by periodic reverse process

: Mann, J.

American Electroplaters' Society -AES-:
AES International Pulse Plating Symposium 1979
Winter Park, Fla., 1979
Vortrag 7
International Pulse Plating Symposium <1979, Winter Park/Fla.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Elektrolyse; Galvanotechnik

The PR process is reported to be of beneficial effect e.g. in electroforming to produce thick deposits from cyanide electrolytes. Deposition rate, throwing power and quality of deposits can be improved. For several purposes however, sulfuric acid copper electrolytes are preferred because of certain technical properties and ecological reasons.
Investigations habe been carried out on the behaviour of these electrolytes when using special kinds of rectangular alternating current. Major abjects of the report are the effect of modulated current on throwing power, internal stress, plating speed and structural properties of copper deposits.