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Material efficiency in the German manufacturing industry: Which strategic stimuli facilitate the tapping of the saving potentials?

: Schröter, Marcus; Mattes, Katharina; Jäger, Angela

European Operations Management Association -EurOMA-; Production and Operations Management Society -POMS-; Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association -JOMSA-:
4th Production and Operations Management World Conference, P&OM 2012 : 1-5 July 2012, Amsterdam; This conference is also the 19th International Annual EurOMA Conference
Amsterdam, 2012
ISBN: 9789491621000
10 pp.
Production and Operations Management World Conference (P&OM) <4, 2012, Amsterdam>
European Operations Management Association (EurOMA International Annual Conference) <19, 2012, Amsterdam>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISI ()
recycling concept; quantitative analysis; manufacturing industry

Recycling concepts are a means to harness material saving potentials and to exploit existing economic potentials. Our paper aims at analysing how and to what extend the firm-level determinants "usage of total cost of ownership concepts", "usage of environmental performance indicators", "external information sources" and "cooperating for process innovations" influence the usage of recycling concepts. We use a large empirical sample of the German manufacturing sector and analyse it by using bivariate and multivariate tests. The results might support decision makers in companies and policy makers in identifying the right spots to tackle existing challenges concerning material efficiency in production.