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Verfahren zur Erwärmung eines Faser-Kunststoff-Verbundwerkstoffes

Method for heating a fibre-plastic compound material
: Ress, C.; Emmerich, R.; Graf, M.; Urban, H.; Bräuning, R.

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DE 102010042820 A
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Verfahren zur Erwaermung eines Faser-Kunststoff-Verbundwerkstoffes umfassend mindestens eine Lage aus Kohlenstofffasern in einer Kunststoffmatrix wobei mittels Mikrowellenantenne ein magnetisches Feld induziert wird und die Feldrichtung des magnetischen Feldes in der Ebene der Lage aus Kohlenstofffasern verlaeuft.


Heating fiber-plastic-composite material comprising at least one layer of carbon fibers in a plastic matrix, comprises inducing a magnetic field by a microwave antenna and extending the field direction of the magnetic field in the plane of the layer of carbon fibers. An independent claim is also included for the microwave antenna comprising a shaft containing an inner conductor and an outer conductor, which are separated by a dielectric material and are coaxial to each another, and a flat metal surface exhibiting the shape of a circular sector with an angle of 1-180[deg] and a radius of 1-60 cm, where the end of the inner conductor is connected with the tip of the metal surface, which is associated with an angle of 1-180[deg] , and the inner conductor forms an angle of 0-180[deg] with the plane of the metal surface.