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Identifying, analyzing and evaluating risks of service development a quality-oriented approach

: Schmitt, R.; Schumacher, S.

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International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research. Online journal 14 (2011), pp.177-182
ISSN: 2010-4626
DOI: 10.7763/IPEDR
International Conference on Innovation, Management and Service (ICIMS) <2, 2011, Singapore>
Conference Paper, Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Services offer a great innovation potential due to their adaptability to individual customer problems. Thus many companies meet the challenge to consider customer-driven innovation ideas in a way that market-ready services match the customers' needs. Instruments are needed, which allow for identifying, analyzing and evaluating the risks that come along with the development of innovative services. Combined with the knowledge about the needs of the customer an evaluation of the innovation ideas should be realized. This evaluation is the basis for the decision, which innovations are brought to market. The aim is to develop a concept that allows companies in a simple way to identify, analyze and evaluate potential risks that arise in the implementation of innovative ideas. In addition, a comprehensive catalogue of possible risk factors is created that is of meaning in the service development.