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Human immune system in a microtiter plate

Innate immune assay for the examination of receptor activity
: Burger-Kentischer, A.

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GIT laboratory journal Europe (2011), No.3-4, pp.10-11
ISSN: 1611-6038
ISSN: 1434-2634
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IGB ()

Pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) are the first defense line of the innate immune system. In the last years PRRs had been studied in different ways resulting in a lot of new insights. However, it was not possible to investigate individual combinations of PRRs and their specific ligands because of the complex network in immune signaling. A cell-based assay developed at Fraunhofer IGB allows a direct way to detect the activity of individual human PRR-receptors in a highly specific way.