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Mapping service processes in manufacturing companies

Industrial service blueprinting
: Biege, Sabine; Lay, Gunter; Buschak, Daniela


International journal of operations & production management 32 (2012), No.8, pp.932-957
ISSN: 0144-3577
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
manufacturing companies; manufacturing industries; operations and production management; process management; process mapping; service organization; servitisation

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to propose a process-modelling method that is based on methods from both operations management (OM) and service operations management (SOM), which complies with the special requirements of servitised manufacturers.
Design/methodology/approach - After a comprehensive literature review of organisational change in servitised manufacturers, the requirements for modelling industrial services are established. In addition, existing business process-modelling methods from OM and SOM are classified and related to these requirements. A modelling method that is adapted to the needs of servitised manufacturers is proposed, and the practical advantages of this methodology are explored in an exemplary case study of a machine tool manufacturer.

Findings - This paper suggests that existing instruments that have been developed within OM and SOM need considerable adjustment to comply with the needs of servitised manufacturers.
Originality/value - This paper contributes towards mastering the transition from the production of capital goods to the offering of entire solutions by outlining the special requirements of the process structure in a manufacturing company as it turns into a solution-provider.