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Transition and developments of 300mm-AMHS simulation models

Benchmarking and optimizing the transport system
: Reddig, K.; Sturm, R.

Brooks Automation Inc.:
Worldwide Automation Symposium 2003. CD-ROM : Operational Excellence. October 20-24, 2003 Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ, 2003
21 pp.
Worldwide Automation Symposium <2003, Phoenix/Ariz.>
Conference Paper
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automated material handling system; AMHS; semiconductor manufacturing; wafer fabrication; microelectronic; Handhaben; Automatisierung; Halbleiter; Materialwirtschaft; Mikroelektronik; Simulation; Transport

As more 300mm fabs are planned, built and ramped up the demand for feasible AMHS (Automated Material Handling System) simulation models is increasing. The transition of the current 200mm models to the 300mm models will most certainly increase the complexity due to the changes in the manufacturing process. In most large 200mm fabs an AMHS provides the transport between the process areas through stockers. Between a stocker and the process area lots are commonly transferred manually. In 300mm different concepts of Interbay and Intrabay transport have to be taken into account. Due to high automation, quality requirements and the weight of 300mm FOUPs future some AMHS solutions provide tool-to-tool and stocker-to-tool (tool-to-stocker) transport. This paper comprises the concepts and implementation of 300mm AMHS models with AutoMod as well as the different possibilities to link the model to external control systems. This includes lot dispatching in a "tool-to-tool" environment, vehicle scheduling, batching as well as advanced model building. Different concepts of process flow simulation and from-to-matrix simulation will be presented.