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Student research projekt - interactive graphical user interface in flash MX for a concept based editor

: Yan, M.
: Hornung, J.

Darmstadt, 2004, 47 pp.
Darmstadt, TU, Studienarbeit, 2004
Term paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
human-computer interaction; knowledge visualization; knowledge map; topic maps; graphical editor; semantic network; XTM

In the research project "Knowledge-Asset-Management System (KAM.sys)" funded by the germen federal agency of education and research (BMBF) new methods and tools are developed to treat knowledge as monetary assets. The knowledge-asset-map in KAM.sys will help managers (controller) in organisation to recognize dependencies between asset types, e.g. expertises, people, processes and services. The results of the visual analysis are used to estimate the value of an asset. The scope of the student research project is the development of concepts for an interactive graphical user interface (GUI). The implementation of the GUI is carried out with the Macromedia Flash MX Technology. The GUI communicates in a visual way to the user the available concepts (ontology) to create semantic structures. These concepts, built from a graphical template, are used to support the user to build a semantic map which describes the relationships and types of the assets. The predefined assets types (classes) have specific characteristics (e.g. url, class attributes) which should be dynamically presented from the editor to the user in form of input fields. After creation of the knowledge-asset-map the editor provides a function to export the map in the standardized exchange format XML Topic Map. According to the demand of the research project Knowledge- Asset- Management System (KAM.sys), we need to build a Knowledge-Asset-Map Editor (K-Asset-Map-Editor), to empower which make users easily manage the Knowledge Assets in distributed environments (intranet) and define relationships with it. Since our purpose is to build an interactive and easily manipulable editor, we choose the commercial authoring tool Macromedia Fflash (version: Flash MX 2004 Professional) as our development tool. This thesis will present the important concepts (ontology) imported from the research project KAM.sys, and how we adapt it to the key elements of the in Fflash MX 2004 technology. We show the the approach overflow to of the development of the editor, for instance how we prepare and organize the data and at least the implemented flash client application. Chapter 2 presents the overview of the whole project, the important concepts and components in KAM.sys Chapter 3 will introduce the authoring tool flash; some fundamental conceptions in flash and components used in our editor will be included. Chapter 4 will particularize the basic elements used in our data model. After that, in chapter 5, 6, 7, we will give an overview of the whole editor and in the following chapters, a more detailed description in different aspects.