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The smart factory - pervasive information technologies for manufacturing management

: Niemann, J.; Jendoubi, L.; Westkämper, E.

Machine Engineering 4 (2004), No.1-2, pp.13-20
ISSN: 1642-6568
Workshop on Supervising and Diagnostics of Machining Systems <15, 2004, Karpacz>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Agile Manufacturing; transparent factory; smart factory; framework

Today's manufacturing management is marked by a high degree of uncertainly and turbulent conditions. Changing customer damends and highly volatile customer orders lead to complex structures in manufacturing management. Today's information and communication technologies can help to establish networks of pervasive computing to permanently monitor and visulalise the status of all manufacturing resources. The paper presents such a framework and strategies for the "agile and transparent" factory of the future.