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Comprehensive study of rapid thermal firing for industrial production of crystalline silicon thick-film solar cells

: Huljic, D.M.; Grupp, G.; Horzel, J.; Preu, R.

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Hoffmann, W.:
Nineteenth European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference 2004. Vol.1 : Proceedings of the international conference held in Paris, France, 7 - 11 June 2004
München: WIP, 2004
ISBN: 3-936338-14-0
ISBN: 88-89407-02-6
European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference <19, 2004, Paris>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Rapid Thermal Firing (RTF) of mc-Si thick-film solar cells is frequently considered as a promising alternative to contact firing in conveyor belt furnaces. Based on a fundamental process development yielding outstanding fill factors of up to 80.2 % on mc-Si (Baysix) material, RTF and state-of-the-art conveyor belt firing (CBF) have been thoroughly compared resulting at least in an as high efficiency potential of RTF as for state-of-theart CBF. IQE analysis of 7 Îcm Cz-Si solar cells revealed a similar Al-BSF quality for both techniques. While RTF did not change the minority carrier lifetime of cast mc-Si materials significantly, EFG Si solar cells clearly benefit from the improved hydrogen passivation of defects during RTF resulting in a considerable Voc and Jsc enhancement of 4 mV and 0.5 mA/cm2, respectively. Finally, based on the optimised process design a concept of an in-line and quasi-continuous RTF furnace for industrial high-throughput production has been developed.