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Take the fast route with electromagnetic forming

Nimm die Überholspur mit elektromagnetischer Umformung
: Psyk, Verena; Neugebauer, Reimund

Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News 53 (2012), No.6, pp.32-36
ISSN: 0129-5519
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()
electromagnetic forming; electromagnetic joining; electromangetic cutting; EMF

Electromagnetic forming can be applied for forming, cutting and joining tubular and sheet metal workpieces within microseconds. The technology uses pulsed magnetic fields to apply forces to electrically conductive materials without mechanical contact. Velocities up to several hundred m/s and strain rates up to the magnitude of 10000 per second are achieved. Consequently, -forming limits are extended and springback is reduced during forming, -high strength and tight joints of similar and dissimilar material combinations basing on interference-fit, force-fit, and metallic bonding can be realized at room-temperature without noteworthy intermetallic phases, and -burr formation is reduced during cutting. In addition to a description of process principle and according advantages recommendations for practice are given and important charactreristics of the tools and machines are discussed. Moreover, fundamental aspects considering the process design are explained.