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Application and evaluation of a cost apportionment approach for integrating tour planning aspects into applied location planning

: Böttcher, Michael; Schneider, Holger; Hackstein, Lars


Logistics research 5 (2012), No.1-2, pp.65-76
ISSN: 1865-035X
ISSN: 1865-0368
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IML ()
location planning; location routing problem; LRP; cost apportionment; tour planning; vehicle routing problem; VRP; p-median problem; PMP

In this paper, aspects of tour planning are included approximately into location planning for a distribution network, using a cost apportionment approach. This approach can be used with little effort to solve problems involving up to 4,000 customers in acceptable computation time. The developed approach is analyzed and evaluated on test instances that are based partly on real distribution data. This is performed by comparing the results of the cost apportionment approach with those of a classical location planning which does not explicitly take into account aspects of tour planning.