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Thermodynamic data of ethylene-propane mixtures in condensed and supercritical state

: Kröner, S.; Minjiong, W.; Bartke, M.


Macromolecular reaction engineering 5 (2011), No.11-12, pp.563-574
ISSN: 1862-8338
ISSN: 1862-832X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAP ()

Thermodynamic data of ethylene/propane mixtures is technically relevant, since propane is one of the diluents used in commercial slurry polymerization of ethylene. Despite this commercial importance, there is almost no information on thermodynamic data of ethylene/propane mixtures available in open literature. In this study, thermodynamic data for the binary system ethylene/propane has been measured in the range relevant for slurry polymerization of ethylene, both in sub- and supercritical conditions. Phase equilibrium measurements have been carried out in the range of 40-80 °C with ethylene partial pressures up to 10 bar. Thermodynamic properties of supercritical mixtures have been measured in the range of 90-105 °C and ethylene fractions of up to 20 mol-%. The measured data can be described in good agreement with the Peng-Robinson equation of state, modified by the Rackett model for density calculation. Missing parameters such as the interaction parameters as well as Rackett model parameters have been determined by parameter estimation based on our experimental results. The parameterized model can be used for further application in engineering sciences, e.g., calculation of properties not directly measurable such as densities and concentrations in liquid phase.