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Model transformations EAST-ADL to AUTOSAR

: Shamim, A.
: Stante, A.; Lilus, J.

Turku, 2012, 73 pp.
Turku, Univ., Master Thesis, 2012
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
model-to-model; EAST-ADL; AUTOSAR; PapyrusUML; ARTOP; QVTu; transformation; mapping

The complexity of Embedded Systems in Automotives has increased tremendously over the last few years and calls for a more rigorous approach towards system development. There is a need to manage and keep the information of these systems in a well defined structure and also standardize the structure. EAST-ADL is an architecture description language which allows the functional and non-functional modeling of automotives embedded systems. AUTOSAR provides a new way of development and standardized software architecture targeting the complexity of embedded systems in automotives. EAST-ADL has been designed in compliance to AUTOSAR however industrial adoption is facing challenges due to a gap between a detailed mapping of the design level in EAST-ADL and implementation level which refers to AUTOSAR. This research work werves to bridge the gap and provides a transformation for the EAST-ADL models into AUTOSAR software architecture.
The transformable artifacts of both EAST-ADL and AUTOSAR have been highlighted and a possible transformation has been defined. A practical implementation and an eclipse based plug-in for the transformation is also a part of this research work. A Case study "Exterior Light Systems" which was designed as a part of PhD thesis was provided by Fraunhofer ESK to validate the transformation of functional architecture to AUTOSAR software architecture.