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Network-wide energy optimization for adaptive embedded systems

: Heinrich, Patrick; Prehofer, Christian

Postprint urn:nbn:de:0011-n-2091198 (76 KByte PDF)
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Created on: 24.7.2012

Pedreiras, P. ; ArtistDesign - European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design:
APRES 2012, 4th Workshop on Adaptive and Reconfigurable Embedded Systems. Proceedings : Beijing, China, April 16, 2012; In conjunction with CPSWeek 2012, April 16-19, 2012
Beijing, 2012
4 pp.
Workshop on Adaptive and Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (APRES) <4, 2012, Beijing>
Cyber-Physical Systems Week (CPSWeek) <2012, Beijing>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ESK ()
embedded system; energy-efficiency; network-wide optimization; adaptive system; automotive

This paper discusses network-wide energy optimization of embedded systems which can adapt by switching configurations. We model applications and their task chains in a network of embedded devices, including´sleep modes and chance of configuration, which provides a basic adaptation mechanism. We present a formal model of the energy consumption for such systems and apply it to automotive embedded systems. In particular, we develop new potential for network-wide energy saving as well as optimizations for adaptive systems. For instance, we show that non-optimal configurations may lead to a globally optimal system setup, if a system adapts regularly.