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Synchronization of run-time security information policies

: Ghori, M.H.
: Schaefer, K.; Schmucker, M.

Darmstadt, 2004, 99 pp.
Darmstadt, FH, Master Thesis, 2004
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
security; security policy; security enforcement; Prolog

Not only recent trends like out sourcing require a collaboration. In the automotive sector for example several organizations are involved in the creation of one product. Today software applications are the basic tools for new product. Thus, the exchange of digital data within online collaboration sessions are emerging.
These collaborative environments have special requirements on the security of data as typically multiple organizations with different - and sometimes even incompatible - security policies are involved. However, in industrial and organizational cooperation security agreements are mandatory. The individual agreement results in a collaborative security policy. These collaborative scenarios are addressed in the Fusionsprojekt MakoSi (Management of Complex Security Mechanisms,
Different types of security issues are addressed in these collaborative security policies. From a security policy evaluation point of view static and dynamic rules can be distinguished. On the one hand static rules can be implemented directly in the collaborative application on the other hand dynamic rules have to be addressed separately during runtime.
This master thesis addresses the dynamic rules evaluation for the MakoSi Whiteboard application by creating rules semi-automatically and processing these rules for validation such that an appropriate action can be taken depending upon the result. The rules definition is based on XML. Runtime evaluation is performed via a Prolog-Engine. Interfaces are defined in Java for the integration with the existing Whiteboard software.