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Self-healing in plants as a model for self-repairing elastomer materials

: Nellesen, A.; Tapavicza, M. von; Bertling, J.; Schmidt, A.M.; Bauer, G.; Speck, T.

International Polymer Science and Technology 38 (2011), No.9, pp.1-4
ISSN: 0307-174X
ISSN: 1478-2405
Journal Article
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()

Self-repair processes in plants, particularly in Hevea brasiliensis trees, are described. Possibilities for biomimetic application to synthetic polymers are discussed. The development is reported of self-healing elastomers having the capability to repair micro-cracks automatically without any intervention from outside. Elastomers considered are EPDM, SEBS/polyisobutylene blends and NBR.