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MEMS module integration into SiGe BiCMOS technology for embedded system applications

: Kaynak, M.; Wietstruck, M.; Zhang, W.; Scholz, R.; Drews, J.; Marschmeyer, S.; Knoll, D.; Korndorfer, F.; Schulz, K.; Wipf, C.; Wolansky, D.; Kaletta, K.; Wegner, M.; Ehrmann, O.; Tillack, B.


Claeys, C.:
ULSI process integration 7 : Seventh Symposium on ULSI Process Integration held in Boston, MA at the 220th meeting of the Electrochemical Society, October 9 - 14, 2011
Pennington, NJ: ECS, 2011 (ECS transactions Vol.41, No.7)
ISBN: 978-1-566-77907-4
ISSN: 1938-5862
Symposium on ULSI Process Integration <7, 2011, Boston>
Meeting of the Electrochemical Society <220, 2011, Boston>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Different MEMS process techniques have been integrated to 0.25 m BiCMOS process for embedded system applications. Back-End-Off-Line (BEOL) integration technique was developed using standard metallization layers of BiCMOS process with additional MEMS process steps. As an example, an RF-MEMS capacitive switch was realized using BEOL embedded MEMS module. Backside substrate etch method was developed as another MEMS integration technique. This technique is demonstrated by several high-Q passive components which can prevent from substrate losses and on-chip antennas/sensors for multi-GHz applications. Lastly, thick copper metallization with low-k BCB dielectric material was developed and processed on top of BiCMOS BEOL. It provides 2 additional thick copper metallization layers and allows realizing high-Q passives and on-chip THz resonators. Several design examples realized by using developed MEMS modules and processing techniques were also analyzed.