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IEEE 1900.6: Spectrum sensing interfaces and data structures for dynamic spectrum access and other advanced radio communication systems standard: Technical aspects and future outlook

: Murroni, M.; Prasad, R.V.; Marques, P.; Bochow, B.; Noguet, D.; Sun, C.; Moessner, K.; Harada, H.


IEEE Communications Magazine 49 (2011), No.12, pp.118-127
ISSN: 0163-6804
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

Currently, the IEEE Standards Association is very active in the framework of cognitive radio with an aim to provide a bridge between research results, implementation, and widespread deployment of this new communication paradigm. This article reports recent developments within the IEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Network Standards Committee 1 on dynamic spectrum access networks with particular consideration of IEEE 1900.6, -Spectrum Sensing Interfaces and Data Structures for Dynamic Spectrum Access and Other Advanced Radio Communication Systems.- It outlines the current structure of the IEEE 1900.6 standard and its relationship with other related standardization activities. We provide application scenarios and topology briefly, and discuss open research issues that raise future challenges to the standardization community.