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The 3P learning model

: Chatti, M.A.; Jarke, M.; Specht, M.

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Educational technology & society. Online journal 13 (2010), No.4, pp.74-85
ISSN: 1436-4522
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer FIT ()

Recognizing the failures of traditional Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) initiatives to achieve performance improvement, we need to rethink how we design new TEL models that can respond to the learning requirements of the 21st century and mirror the characteristics of knowledge and learning which are fundamentally personal, social, distributed, ubiquitous, flexible, dynamic, and complex in nature. In this paper, we discuss the 3P learning model; a vision of learning characterized by the convergence of lifelong, informal, and personalized learning within a social context. The 3P learning model encompasses three core elements: Personalization, Participation, and Knowledge-Pull. We then present the social software supported learning framework as a framework that illustrates the 3P learning model in action, based on Web 2.0 concepts and social software technologies.