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Speicherungsdynamik der Wasserstoffisotope in Titan und rostfreiem Stahl in Abhängigkeit von der Verformung

: Chernov, I.; Nikitenkov, N.N.; Tjurin, Y.; Lider, A.; Kröning, M.; Baumbach, H.

Fizika i chimija obrabotki materialov = Physics and chemistry of materials treatment (2003), No.4, pp.46-49
ISSN: 0015-3214
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
nichtrostender Stahl; Stahl; Titan; Wasserstoff

Dynamics of hydrogen accumulation in plastically strained specimens of titanium and stainless steel has been investigated with the help of the methods of thermo-stimulated desorption and secondary ion mass spectrometry. The introduction of hydrogen was made by the technique of cathode electrolysis in 0,1 M solution of LiOD in D2O. On the base of the results obtained the possible mechanisms of hydrogen penetration into metals ans effect of structure defects on efficiency of hydrogen capture in metals have been discussed.