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Hämmern ins Bodenlose

Inkrementelles Umformen von Feinblechen mit Industrierobotern
Incremental forming of sheet metal by industrial robots
: Schäfer, T.

Maschinenmarkt. MM, das Industriemagazin 110 (2004), No.8, pp.16-18
ISSN: 0341-5775
ISSN: 0025-4509
ISSN: 1867-9722
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Hämmern; Inkrementell; Free Form; Bahngenerierung; Hammering; sheet metal forming; robot path planning; Hammer (Maschine); Blechumformen; Industrieroboter; Bahnsteuerung

This article introduces a new incremental forming process of sheet metal by an industrial robot. The described process makes the production of sheet metal parts with cost-effective equipment possible without using any special die plate. Thus mainly small and medium-sized enterprises will benefit from this new technology. The article describes the development of the path generation as well as first results of a finite element simulation.