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Transmission of single-channel 16-QAM data signals at terabaud symbol rates

: Richter, T.; Palushani, E.; Schmidt-Langhorst, C.; Ludwig, R.; Molle, L.; Nölle, M.; Schubert, C.


Journal of Lightwave Technology 30 (2012), No.4, pp.504-511
ISSN: 0733-8724
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We present latest results for OTDM transmission systems in combination with digital coherent detection achieving record-high serial data rates in a single-wavelength channel. We show serial data transmission of 5.1 Tb/s (640 GBd) over 80-km and 10.2 Tb/s (1.28 TBd) over 29-km dispersion managed fiber (DMF). For 5.1-Tb/s transmission over 80-km DMF, the BER of all 128 OTDM-tributaries (both polarizations) is found to be below the hard-decision FEC-threshold, corresponding to an error-free net data rate of 4.8 Tb/s. In a 10.2-Tb/s experiment, the BER of all 256 TDM-tributaries (both polarizations) is found to be below the FEC-threshold in the back-to-back configuration. This translates to an error-free net data rate of 9.5 Tb/s. After transmission over a 29-km DMF negligible pulse broadening and a BER below the FEC limit is found.