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Dual photorecording on cholesteric azobenzene-containing LC polymer films using helix pitch phototuning and holographic grating recording

: Ryabchun, A.; Bobrovsky, A.; Sobolewska, A.; Shibaev, V.; Stumpe, J.


Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (2012), No.13, pp.6245-6250
ISSN: 0959-9428
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAP ()

For the first time the possibility to perform dual recording in cholesteric LC polymer films was demonstrated by means of helix pitch photo-tuning and holographic grating recording, as far as these two photo-processes take place under the exposure to light with different wavelengths. For this purpose the cholesteric mixture of the nematic azobenzene-containing copolymer doped with the chiral-photochromic dopant was prepared and the photo-optical properties of thin planarly-oriented films of this mixture were investigated. It was found that the holographic grating recording over [similar]1 min allows high diffraction efficiency values to be reached but does not disrupt the supramolecular helical structure that makes possible a two independent images recording.