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Extremely low surface recombination velocities in black silicon passivated by atomic layer deposition

: Otto, M.; Kroll, M.; Käsebier, T.; Salzer, R.; Tünnermann, A.; Wehrspohn, R.B.

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Created on: 20.4.2013

Applied Physics Letters 100 (2012), No.19, Art. 191603, 4 pp.
ISSN: 0003-6951 (Print)
ISSN: 1077-3118
ISSN: 1931-9401 (online)
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWM ( IMWS) ()
solar cells

We investigate the optical and opto-electronic properties of black silicon (b-Si) nanostructures passivated with Al 2O 3. The b-Si nanostructures significantly improve the absorption of silicon due to superior anti-reflection and light trapping properties. By coating the b-Si nanostructures with a conformal layer of Al 2O 3 by atomic layer deposition, the surface recombination velocity can be effectively reduced. We show that control of plasma-induced subsurface damage is equally important to achieve low interface recombination. Surface recombination velocities of S eff 13 cm / s have been measured for an optimized structure which, like the polished reference, exhibits lifetimes in the millisecond range.