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"Sensorfilter": Intelligenter Mikro-Filter in Folientechnologie für Anwendungen in Prozesskontrolle und Zellkultur

"Sensorfilter": Intelligent micro-filter in foil technology for applications in proces culture and cell culture
: Endres, Hanns-Erik; Alberti, Martin

Sensor-Magazin (2012), No.1, pp.38
ISSN: 0945-6899
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMFT ()
ultra micro filter; impedance measurement; process control; cell culture; foil technology

A novel micro filter system (sensor filter) enables standalone detection of its own loading status as well as monitoring the filtrate for the first time. This sensor filter consists of two micro-perforated sensor-foils containing interdigital capacitors (IDC) and a filter membrane placed in between. The capacitive detection of the filtrate (cells or particles) is possible via the alteration of the permittivity of the fluid upstream the filter at the upper IDC. The lower IDC downstream the filter serves to compensate temperature and / or conductivity variations of the fluid itself.