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NANODEVICE. Measurement novel concepts, methods and technologies for the production of portable, easy-to-use devices for the measurement and analysis of airborne engineered nanoparticles in workplace air

Poster at Swiss nano convention, 18./19. Mai 2011, Baden
: Keller, Markus; Sirviö, Sari; Savolainen, Kai

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2011, 1 pp.
Swiss Nano Convention (SNC) <2011, Baden>
Poster, Electronic Publication
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NANODEVICE; nanoparticle; workplace; Partikelmesstechnik; nanotechnology; Teilchen; Sicherheit; Arbeitsschutz

NANODEVICE is a research project funded by the European Commission in the context of the 7th Framework Program. The duration is 48 months starting 1st of April 2009. Due to their unique properties, engineered nanoparticles (ENP) are now used for a myriad of novel applications with great economic and technological importance. However, some of these properties, especially their surface reactivity, have raised health concerns, which have prompted scientists, regulators, and industry to seek consensus protocols for the safe production and use of the different forms of ENP.
There is currently a shortage of field-worthy, cost-effective ways - especially in real time - for reliable assessment of exposure levels to ENP in workplace air. In addition to the problems with the size distribution, a major uncertainty in the safety assessment of airborne ENP arises from the lack of knowledge of their physical and chemical properties, and the levels of exposure. A special challenge of ENP monitoring is to separate ubiquitous background nanoparticles from different sources from the ENP.
NANODEVICE will provide new information on the physico-chemical properties of engineered nanoparticles (ENP) and information about their toxicology. Also a novel measuring device will be developed to assess the exposure to ENP´s from workplace air. The purpose of the project is also to promote the safe use of ENP through guidance, standards and education, implementing of safety objectives in ENP production and handling, and promotion of safety related collaborations through an international nanosafety forum.
The main project goal is to develop innovative concepts and reliable methods for characterizing ENP in workplace air with novel, portable and easy-to-use devices suitable for workplaces.
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Commission under grant agreement FP7-211464-2 (NANODEVICE).