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Methodics in product development I: Grey box approach in prosthetic drive design

Presentation held at Medtec Europe Innovation Forum, 13-15 March 2012, Stuttgart, Germany
: Budaker, Bernhard

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2012, 37 Folien
MEDTEC EUROPE Innovation Forum <2012, Stuttgart>
Stuttgarter Gespräche über Technologien für die Orthopädietechnik <8, 2012, Stuttgart>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Aktive Prothese; prosthesis; Prothese; Orthopädie; orthopedic device; Produktentwicklung

Miniaturised drives in medical engineering solutions require knowhow in the drive requirements from energy supply to the torque to be generated. Approach help for the design engineer is given.