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Between zero and one

Data performers between art and science
: Fleischmann, Monika; Strauss, Wolfgang

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Kluszczynski, R.:
Towards the Third Culture. The Co-Existence of Art, Science and Technology : Held from the 23rd to the 25th May 2011, Gdansk
Gdansk: Laznia CCA, 2011
5 pp.
International Scientific Conference "Towards the Third Culture - the Co-Existence of Art, Science and Technology" <2011, Gdansk>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IAIS ()
art & science; data performer; education; knowledge space; learning; media art; nonlinear narrative; third culture

The article takes a position on the predicted trend of a third culture as result of the cooperation between art and science. We refer to interactive media art, a genre that develops non-linear narratives and new concepts of interaction design by exploring and transgressing the boundaries between media art and techniques of computer science, media art and web science, media art and perception, media art and mixed reality, media art and education. The connection between art and science opens up new topics for the art, while science very often uses art as a fig leaf. Even more important than the cooperation of artists and scientists are integrative concepts on cultural education. Instead of learning isolated bits and pieces we should learn and teach history, aesthetics, art, music, programming, structuring and organization at the same time, within a theatre play, a street performance or a fashion show. Such integration and inclusion requires learning by experience, thinking and acting simultaneously, a concept of participation and involvement, well known from interactive art. Being inspired by Aby Warburgs neologisms such as space of thought (Denkraum), we develop media art concepts for spaces of thought and knowledge.