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Biocides in the indoor environment

Correlation of saturation vapor pressure and test chamber experiments for estimation of concentrations in indoor air
: Müller, M.G.; Cammenga, H.K.; Salthammer, T.; Uhde, E.

Fresenius' Environmental Bulletin 12 (2003), No.6, pp.497-502
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
biocides; vapour pressure; emission; indoor air; test chamber

The vapor pressure is an important parameter for estimating the fate of chemical substances in the indoor environment. For compounds of low volatility, a combination of the KNUDSEN effusion method and the LANGMUIR free evaporation method enables the precise measurement of vapor pressures over a wide temperature range. This is demonstrated for the fungicides Dichlofluanid and Tolylfluanid and the insecticide a-Endosulfan. Saturation concentrations were estimated and compared with results from test chamber experiments carried out under indoor conditions.