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Improving aftermath crisis management in the European Union

Recommendations for a demonstration programme (Phase II)
: Vollmer, Maike; Hamrin, Martin; Pastuszka, Hans-Martin; Missoweit, Merle; Stolk, Dirk

Fulltext (PDF; )

Bonn: UNU-EHS, 2012, 26 pp.
UNU-EHS Publication Series: Policy Brief, 4
ISBN: 978-3-939923-60-2
ISBN: 978-3-939923-61-9
European Commission EC
FP7; 261669; ACRIMAS
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer INT ()
crisis management; demonstration project; cross-border cooperation; knowledge transfer

The disaster response system in the EU must be prepared to deal with any disaster that may emerge. Especially in the context of climate change and the expected increase of extreme events, the need for improved cooperation in the EU becomes evident. The Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems (ACRIMAS) project (Phase I) has identified 26 improvement needs. This fourth UNU-EHS Policy Brief summarizes the state of the art and identifies improvement needs in European crisis management by means of highlighted examples.