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Process Maturity Model

Presentation held at Polytubes Training Programme; FORUM "Innovations for Industry", New Technology First, Hannover Messe, 23.-27. April 2012
: Konrad, Konstantin; Stöhr, Matthias; Giesen, Tim

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2012, 20 Folien
Forum "Innovations for Industry" <2012, Hannover>
Hannover Messe <2012, Hannover>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Reifegradmodell; Produktreifegradmessung; Product Maturity; POLYTUBES; Mikrotechnik

The transfer of innovative micro-manufacturing processes from laboratory to volume production for Polytubes required a maturity model that facilitates the integration of several processes to a high volume production line. The transfer strategy to guide, measure and integrate individual micro-manufacturing processes into a process chain and implement it in a manufacturing platform combines approaches and methods from best practice maturity models (like TRL, MRL, CMMI, SPICE) in order to reach targets of fully automated and high quality manufacturing.