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Apparatus and Method for Generating Filter Characteristics

: Strauß, M.; Korn, T.

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DE 102008018029 A: 20080409
WO 2009EP02654 A: 20090409
WO 2009124772 A1: 20091015
Patent, Electronic Publication
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An apparatus for generating filter characteristics for filters connectible to at least three loudspeakers at defined locations with respect to a sound reproduction zone comprises an impulse response reverser (10) for time- reversing impulse responses associated to the loudspeakers to obtain time-reversed impulse responses. The apparatus furthermore comprises an impulse response modifier (14) for modifying the impulse responses or the time-reversed impulse responses such that impulse response portions occurring before a maximum of a time-reversed impulse response are reduced in amplitude to obtain the filter characteristics for the filters.