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Overcoming Barriers to Implementing Recycling Solutions: Empirical Analyses in the German Manufacturing Sector

Presentation held at the 23rd Annual POMS Conference, Chicago, Ilinois, April 20 to April 23, 2012
: Schröter, Marcus; Mattes, Katharina; Jäger, Angela

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2012, 21 pp.
Production and Operations Management Society (POMS Annual Conference) <23, 2012, Chicago/Ill.>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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Material efficiency; Recycling concepts; Process innovations; Manufacturing industry

Based on the German Manufacturing Survey 2009, a large-scale dataset including data of 1,484 German manufacturing firms, we investigate the diffusion of recycling to reduce material consumption. Our findings suggest that firms using management tools such as environmental performance measurement systems or life cycle costing evaluation methods are more likely to invest in recycling solutions.