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Optimized Positioning of UV Lamps for the Treatment of 3D Workpieces

Optimierte Positionierung von UV-Strahlern für die Behandlung von 3D-Werkstücken
: Schneider, M.; Klein, W.; Schröder, C.

RadTech Europe:
Gateway to New Horizons. Proceedings
Nyon, 1999
Conference for Radiation Curing (RadTech Europe) <1999, Berlin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
3D Workpiece; 3D-lackieren; coating technology; measurement of UV radiation; UV-Härtung; UV-Strahler; Strahlungsmeßtechnik; 3D-Anwendung; 3D-Application; UV curing; UV radiation; UV lamp; lackieren; Werkstück

In the paint coating lab of the Fraunhofer IPA a large-scale UV pilot line has been installed for the treatment of 3-dimensional workpieces. Eight UV lamps can be adjusted by an especially designed positioning system to a large variety of geometrical conditions.

Since the specifications for irradiance and dose have to be met in all relevant areas of the workpiece surface the positioning of the UV lamps usually constitutes an elaborate process. Here, a computer simulation model for visualizing the irradiance distribution on the workpiece surface can be of great help.

With the pilot line the required number of lamps and their positioning can be determined as a function of geometry and relative motion of a given workpiece.